The Mid Year Review

Have you ever completed an annual review? I believe that everyone should complete personal reviews to evaluate growth, development, and the need for change. At this point, we’ve made it halfway through 2018! The year is moving fast and it’s time to take a moment to evaluate how we’re doing. Think about this. Many people […]

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The Box

I once worked at an organization where originally, there was a staff of enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals. When they started in their roles, they came to the weekly meetings with creative ideas and plans that could take the organization to the next level. However, as the meetings were conducted week after week, their motivation

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Stay Focused

The 2016 Rio Olympics is underway and the athletes have been amazing to watch. Gymnastics is my absolute favorite and my heart jumped with joy as I watched our girls bring home the gold. When I logged onto social media the following day, I found that some people were targeting Gabrielle Douglas, yet again, about

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Thank You Leaders

I wanted to use this blog post to tell all the amazing leaders two simple but powerful words. Thank you. Thank you for taking the reins and accepting your leadership role. You could have said no. Thank you for handling the challenges you face every day with courage and class. You could have backed down.

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Go For It

What’s that goal you want to accomplish? What change do you want to see take place? What do you want implemented in your organizations and teams? What’s that dream you desire to see come true? What do you want to see happen in your personal life? What is it? Think about it. Think really hard.

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