Stay Focused

The 2016 Rio Olympics is underway and the athletes have been amazing to watch. Gymnastics is my absolute favorite and my heart jumped with joy as I watched our girls bring home the gold. When I logged onto social media the following day, I found that some people were targeting Gabrielle Douglas, yet again, about her hair. Now this disappointed me. This young lady is breaking records and all some are concerned about is her hair? She’s setting an example to young people everywhere and not in scandals across the media but they’re focused on her hair? Her body is defying gravity and they’re picking at her hair? Now I don’t know about you but when I decide to exercise, my hair isn’t in the best shape. Not many people’s hair remains flawless as they push their bodies physically. So what’s the big deal?

Then something came to me. It doesn’t matter. The rude comments, opinions, or irrelevant people do not matter. She still wins. You see, while people are running their mouths about Gabrielle’s hair, she’s holding a gold medal in hers. While she’s in pristine health competing on an Olympic platform, they’re overweight at home and watching her from their couches. While they’re working at a job that they probably hate and living paycheck to paycheck, she’s making millions doing what she loves. The thoughts and words of hateful people did not stop Gabrielle and the rest of the USA Lady Gymnastics Team from taking home the gold.

As leaders, people are going to talk about you. Get over and get used to it because it comes with the territory. When people have insecurities and don’t know their purpose, they will attempt to distract you for accomplishing yours. Do not fall for it. You still win. My pastor, Pastor Regina Harris, told us once to not get off our carriage to throw tomatoes back at the peasants. Where you’re going, you can’t afford to, nor do you have time to react to every distraction that you encounter. So I encourage you today to keep you eye on the prize. Your success is not determined nor hindered by irrelevant people. Stay focused and live beyond the distractions. You still win.