Allow SMR Leadership Solutions to help develop the leader within you with our practical solutions for your life and career. Located in Augusta, Georgia, we strive to guide you to be successful in your professional and personal life.

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We’ll work together to identify, acknowledge, and work towards desired professional or personal goals. Risks and challenges will be taken so learning and growth can take place. SMR Leadership Solutions, LLC provides the tools needed for success. We also provide follow-up to check progress and provide support.

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Stacy provides workplace coaching sessions to organizational leaders and their staffs to develop and guide them to their full potential. 

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Self-awareness is a key component in any type of development. Concerning leadership development, it’s crucial to understand your own personality and leadership style. Understanding the individuals you work with is important in order build and maintain morale and cohesiveness.

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Individual coaching sessions are offered on subject of client’s choice in order for personal development, growth, and goal achievement.

Motivational Speaker.

Stacy loves for individuals to reach their full potential in every area of their lives. She uses her HR experience, coaching background, and love for people to help them win and achieve their goals.

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Children's Author.

Stacy uses her children’s books to educate and coach all ages on important life skills. Visits includes skits, art, songs, and more. She also provides coaching on how to write and publish a book.

“I was fortunate to have a super productive power hour with Stacy. She not only provided answers to my questions, but provided so many value added suggestions that my to-do list for my business got BETTER, not longer. I’m feeling more confident about my plans moving forward. I was so excited about her suggestions that I shared with a sisterpreneur who got excited with me and we are going to move forward together with some of the suggestions. If you are considering working with Stacy, don’t hesitate. The only thing your will be holding back is you and your success!”

Galanda A. Bryan