Hi everyone! It’s been a few weeks. There’s been a lot of great things going on with SMR Leadership Solutions, LLC and I’m excited about everything God has in store for my organization. Things have been very fast paced in my personal and professional life and it reminded me that as leaders, we have to learn to prioritize and multitask effectively. Many times we get busy and some things get behind or even fall through the cracks. We have to learn to organize, prioritize, and sometimes even ask for help. We can get so much more accomplished if we complete tasks wisely. Here are a few things that help me:

  1. Make a list. Write things down so you don’t forget the tasks that need to be done. Mark them off as they’re completed.
  2. Prioritize and do one thing at a time. At times, some things are just more important to accomplish than others. Use wisdom on what order your tasks need to be completed in. We overwhelm ourselves by trying to do too many things at once and end up not fully completing any of our tasks. Learn when to multitask and when to work on one item at a time.
  3. Use outlook or get a planner. Technology is an awesome tool to help you stay organized. Outlook has helped me remember many meetings and items that needed to be completed. I’ve also found it useful to have a daily planner that I can carry with me and write things down in. I love to write things down because it helps me remember. That’s how I retain information. Some people love to use their smartphones to take notes and send themselves calendar reminders. This is an excellent tool to help you remain organized. Think of your smartphone as your very own personal assistant that you carry in your pocket or purse.
  4. Task it out. As I explained in a previous post, learn to ask for help. We have people on our teams to help us so we don’t have to carry the load alone. I promise if you learn to do this more, you will relieve yourself from unnecessary stress.
  5. Take time to rest. Don’t forget to take time for yourself. As leaders, we strive to inspire and motivate our teams to meet our organizational goals. However, it’s hard to lead when you are burned out. Remember to relax and rest so that you can effectively complete your tasks and accomplish your goals.

We can do many things to help us accomplish our daily tasks effectively. You can be busy without being stressed. I’ll end this post with a quote that I love. “Remember it’s not the load that breaks you. It’s how you carry it.” Work with wisdom Champions!