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The Coaching Process

Allow Stacy to SUPPORT, TRAIN, ASSESS, and COACH you to develop the dynamic leader that’s within you.

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Self-awareness is a key component in any type of development. Concerning leadership development, it’s crucial to understand your own personality and leadership style.  uderstanding the individuals you work with is important in order build and maintain morale and cohesiveness.

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We’ll work together to identify, acknowledge, and work towards desired professional or personal goals. risks and challenges will be taken so learning and growth can take place.

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SMR Leadership Solutions, LLC provides the tools needed for success. We also provide follow-up to check progress and provide support.

Speaking Topics

As an award-winning author, speaker, trainer, and leadership coach, Stacy impacts leaders and their teams with her transparency and empowering approach to organizational concerns.  Corporations and individuals have been inspired by her bold and relevant message of walking in your purpose and winning in every area of your professional and personal life. She coaches audiences to overcome obstacles by providing strategies and processes to assist in reaching goals and cultivating productive and profitable workplaces. 

  • Compassionate Confrontation: Successfully Managing and Resolving Workplace Conflict
  • Who Told You That?: The Truth About Limiting Beliefs
  • Women in Leadership
  • Professional and Personal Development
  • Leadership Development
  • The Technical vs. The Relational Leaders
  • I Still Believe: How You Think Matters
  • Retention on the Rocks

Author Visits

Let Stacy bring her characters to life for your group! She will provide a one of a kind experience with unforgettable life lessons.

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