Hello leaders!  I have a question. What type of follower are you? Many times we focus on our leadership development but did you know the type of follower you are determines what type of leader you will be. How well do you follow your leaders?

Every leader follows a leader or manager. For example, key leaders in my life are God, my parents, and pastors. I also have encountered others in leadership and management roles. I have to be careful of how I treat them, follow their instructions, execute their vision, and more. If I give them problems, make leading hard for them, and operate as a difficult follower, that speaks volumes of my integrity, character, and what type of leader I will be.

Every leader will encounter trials and difficulties. It comes with the territory. However, make sure your difficulty is not stemming from bad seeds that you have sown. What goes around always comes around. Strive to be the leader individuals want to follow and the follower your leaders want to lead. Help them accomplish their goals. Contribute and work well with you teams and don’t make it hard for your leaders. Don’t be the problem, be the solution. Success is not only based on how leaders lead but also on how followers follow.