Task It Out: It’s Okay to Say “I Need Help”

Many times people in leadership positions attempt to accomplish organizational goals on their own. This is extremely difficult, frustrating, and ineffective. I was guilty of this in a role I held. I had the mindset that I’d do everything myself so that I could be sure everything was taken care of. Guess what? I was burning myself out and had to admit that I needed help. I had to learn to train, motivate, and trust my team. I also had to work on communicating with them more effectively. Once I did this, a huge weight was lifted and I actually wished I had done it sooner. Although I had been let down by a team in the past and had my guard up, that was not how my current team operated. I found them to be a wonderful group of people to work with. As I’ve developed in leadership roles, I’ve discovered the value of teamwork.

You cannot do it by yourself. There’s no weakness in admitting that you need help. We can get so much more accomplished if we work together. As a leader, it is vital to utilize the skills and talents of your teams. Learn to task things out to members of your team and practice building a climate of trust. Motivate and empower your teams to reach their full potential so you can have peace and turn your attention to other tasks. I promise that you’ll be happy that you did.

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  1. This was very encouraging , I found myself in situations like this also and I realize that you can’t pull the load alone. Thanks for the motivation blog.

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