Real Leaders Don’t Remain Silent

My husband and I were having a great conversation recently regarding standing up for what’s right concerning your team. He is in the Army National Guard and manages soldiers daily. While we we talking, he expressed that he will always stand up for what’s right for his team. Even if it causes him to become a target for mistreatment, he has to defend what’s right. I totally agree with his thought process on this. Silence isn’t an option, especially when you’re in a leadership position. Have you ever heard that silence is agreement? It’s true. One thing I have seen in different work environments is people witnessing wrong behavior or activity but refusing to speak up about it. Their silence and not wanting to get involved doesn’t help anything.  However, they would complain amongst each other with no resolve. Some of the wisest advice I ever heard was from my pastor, Pastor Regina Harris. In a bible study, she advised us never to tell our problems to anyone that can’t do anything about it. It’s a waste of time. This woke me up because I was guilty! I would whine and vent about things to people who had no power to solve the issues I was concerned about. I had to learn wisdom in who I talked to about things that needed to be fixed. As we grow as leaders, we have to learn to use wisdom when we open our mouths. We can’t remain silent on issues that impact our teams. It’s wrong to stand back with our mouths closed when we know our words can make a difference in the lives of others. Also, teach your teams to speak up and bring things to light that are not right. As I said before, ignoring problems and pretending they don’t exist does not make them go away. Instead, it enables the problems to grow. Work on creating a good and open communication and a climate of trust with the individuals you lead. I do understand that you have to use wisdom and pick your battles. I also believe that you don’t have to react to everything. However, when you are in the position to make a difference and bring about positive change, do not remain silent. Don’t be afraid to use your voice and authority leaders. Someone is watching and depending on you.