Deal With It, Leader!

Real and effective leaders understand that at times, problems may surface that they are uncomfortable dealing with. However, they know that in order for their teams and organizations to grow and be successful, they have to deal with the bad stuff. I’ve held roles in the past in which the managers or supervisors refused to do this. By sweeping issues under rug, things went unresolved, team members with bad behavior felt enabled, and the overall morale decreased quickly. Effective leaders are bold and aren’t afraid to address problems. They also train their teams on how to handle issues as well so they don’t escalate. I am blessed to have had some awesome role models and leaders in my life. One thing they have in common is that they’re not afraid to handle issues. When it comes to problem solving, they do what I call the 4 C’s.

1. Confront it.
2. Correct it.
3. Conquer it.
4. Continue on.

Confronting issues properly is healthy. You are acknowledging that a problem exists and needs to be corrected. With correction, you are taking steps to solve the problem in a fair and ethical manner. Sometimes, all team members may not agree with the options to correct the problem. You as the leader must use wisdom and sound judgement to do the right thing. Remember that great and effective leaders always strive to do what is right. In doing so, you and your team can conquer the problem. The issue is dealt with, resolved, and the team works together in order to ensure that it doesn’t occur anymore. Finally, you and your team can move on. If someone or something is dealt with, stop dwelling on it. You don’t have to constantly remind people of their past mistakes or issues. Now if bad behavior persists, of course you deal with it. However, if they’ve corrected the issue and are making steps to operate more constructively, continue on. Move on and progress to your success.

To be a great leader, you can’t be afraid to deal with the tough problems that may arise. Don’t act like things are not happening or if your ignore them, they’ll go away. Believe me. They won’t. What you allow is what will continue and what you refuse to confront, you cannot conquer. You can apply this to any area of your life. God gives you power to overcome anything that may come your way. So let go of the fear and apprehension and lead your team!